Get involved & support

There are lots of different ways you can contribute and support the work of South Downs Refugee Project. 

Sign up for our mailing list

Please sign up for our mailing list for news on fundraising activities and events, and updates on the project as we move forward.

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We need your money!

There’s no getting away from it – we have an ambitious minimum fundraising target of £15,000 to raise before we can be allocated a family.

This money will be used to cover the relocation costs for the family, ensure they have what they need in their accomodation, are able to support their family in the first few weeks here,  cover the costs of things like translators and English tuition, cover public transport costs etc.

In short, keep them afloat whilst they begin looking for work, start school, and generally start settling in to their new community.

Please donate via our Just Giving page here… 



Join the SDRP Volunteers Network

A key part of Community Sponsorship is building a strong network of local support for the project, (and later on, for the family!), who can respond as the project progresses.

Joining the SDRP mailing list above is the first thing you should do to keep in touch.

But, if you’re also intrested in getting a bit more involved in the project, and possibly volunteering some time, skills, or energy in the future you should join our Volunteers List.

Quite what this looks like will be worked out as the project progresses and the needs become clear, but it is already apparent that there will be plenty of opportunity to get involved! 

If you’d like to register your interest in getting involved you can do so here.

Can you meet some of the projects specific needs?

Alternatively, if you think you have a specific offer of help which would support the group’s work – for example; ESOL teaching, Arabic or Kurdish interpretation, good leads on accommodation, expertise in navigating the statutory benefits system, knowledge of existing support groups, a burning desire to help us with our social media…  then please do get in touch.

Fundraise for SDRP

Are you are a community fundrasier who would like to help us reach our goal?

Train for a half marathon, host a charity auction at work, or convince your school they need a new cause to support!

However you’d like to do it,  if you’re thinking about raising money for SDRP we would love to hear from you.

We can provide information and resources to support you, and set up a Just Giving page which is linked to the project. That way, all donations to your cause will be eligible for an additional 25% GiftAid contribution from HMRC, making all your efforts go even further!

Help us find suitable accommodation

What we're looking for

One of the key Home Office requirements for Community Sponsorship approval is the securing of good quality, affordable accomodation for a minimum lease term of two years.

Calling all landlords

 If you’re a philanthropically minded landlord and would like to explore the possibility of supporting SDRP with the provision of a local property, please do get in touch. 

Providing a property to a Community Sponsorship group can be of real mutual benefit; 

  • Guaranteed rental income for at least two years, with a registered charity as guarantor
  • A network of volunteers who will be looking to improve and maintain the property prior to and throughout the tenancy
  • A nominated member of the group will act as your lead contact throughout, ensuring clear communication with you, SDRP and the tenants  
  • A support network for the family, to help them manage finances and house maintenance
  • And, of course, the knowledge that you are changing the lives of a vulnerable refugee family!