Dear friends, 

A quick update on June’s newsletter to confirm that the final pieces of the jigsaw seem to have now fallen into place, and we are working to a specific date in Autumn for the arrival of the family!

As a result, the family support volunteer team, the ESOL volunteer teaching team, and all the other key roles within the group are now busy preparing to support the family in the first weeks and months of being here. 

Inevitably, as we shift away from word-spreading / fund-raising mode, the project will become a little less public-facing than we have been over the past 16 months. 

It may be that in due course we emerge again – with updates of how the project is doing, or perhaps to organise another Ceilidh or concert, which were so much fun! But for the time-being there is a lot of work to be getting on with, lots to learn, and of course the family will need privacy during this period.

So, it seems that all that is left to say at this point is a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project. Whether you donated directly, attended (or performed in) one of our fundraisers or events, completed amazing sponsored challenges, sold plants, auctioned ceramics, donated raffle prizes, helped furnish the house, or generally spread the word about the project… It has all been absolutely vital to our progress thus far, and it has been lovely to be part of such a fantastic collective effort. 

I know that the family will be made to feel really welcome as new residents of our village and area.


PS – for any donations or outstanding fundraising activities, our Just Giving page is still open: